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Cooking Holidays 2019


The idea behind these holidays is to learn a bit, eat well, enjoy the local wine, savour the beauty of this special part of France and, above all, have fun!

Who is your guide?

Your Cookery guide will be your hostess, Georgi, whose grandmother was French, and who has had over 20 years of experience cooking professionally. She has lived in France for seven years and cooking will take place in our own kitchen in a sympathetic and relaxed environment.  Full board will be provided (some of which you will cook!) and you will be able to try local wines with your meals.  All coffee, tea, biscuits etc are included in the price of your holiday.

What will you learn?


We have chosen things to learn about that will always come in useful, as well as some delicious local dishes from the area.  You will learn to cook bread without a “breadmaker”, pasta that melts in your mouth and homemade mayonnaise that will put you off bought mayonnaise for life.  You will prepare dishes you may know of such as cassoulet (our version of which doesn’t need five hours to prepare), and some more unusual ones such as aligot and farçou which you may not have come across before.


In the French tradition of always having something to nibble with your drinks. Georgi will show you some delicious and, often, simple ideas for canapés for us to sample before dinner in the evening.

When and how long are the courses?


So that people can choose how much they want to learn, we have built in as much flexibility as possible.  You can select which days you want to do. and when you wish to start and end the course. This means you can come when the cheap flights are available and choose the time of year to suit you (subject to our availability).


We have two comfortable rooms available, one double and one that can be either a double or twin. In order to run a course, we require a booking of four people, at least two of whom will be taking the course (participants).  The minimum is a two night course (1 day cooking) and the maximum is a six night course (5 days cooking).  If people want to stay on beyond the period of their course, days simply to holiday in the area, our normal rates will apply.


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