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Schedule & content of each course day

Arrival day:

Your room will be ready and available from 4.00 pm.  We can collect you from Cahors train station between 4.00 and 6.00 but, if you want to explore the region, we suggest one of your party hires a car as there is really no public transport and taxis are very expensive in the countryside. Settle in, relax and explore our terrain of 20 acres, the garden, the pool and learn a bit about what walks, villages, towns and sites can be seen in the area. 


We meet about 7.30 for an aperitif before sitting down to a three course dinner with wine and coffee (or tisane) afterwards.


You can select any of the following days (eg days 1,3 & 4), but we may change the order, depending on the day of the week you start and when the markets are (the best ones nearby are Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun). Some dishes may have to be changed according to the season as we always try to use fresh local produce (even some cheeses here are seasonal!).


The Wine Day can only take place on a Tue, Thu, or Fri. NB There is an extra charge for the Wine Day to cover the additional costs, and travel (see Prices page by clicking the tab on the above). 

Course Day 1:

9.00 Breakfast

After Breakfast: Preparing Mayonnaise - take the mystery out of home made mayonnaise which adds so much to so many things. Then we make Vegetable terrine -  a colourful savoury dish made with peppers, courgettes and onion, served sliced with salad and mayonnaise; ideal for a light lunch or starter.

1.00 Lunch Vegetable terrine with homemade mayonnaise

2.30 Prepare and cook Cassoulet - the famous dish from this area, a rich casserole of meats with a base of white beans (haricots blancs).

Tarte aux noix using local walnuts - a mouth watering tart which is a speciality of the region.  Make canapés for apero'.

7.00 Meet in the kitchen to prepare dinner and apero’

7.30 Apero' followed by Dinner:

Hors d'oeuvres


Tarte aux noix

Course Day 2:

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Trip to market to buy cheese, seasonal vegetables and fruit, as well as lunch

1.00 Lunch from the market (eg. saucisson, rillettes, asparagus, cured ham & melon, strawberries etc according to the season)

2.30 Bread making - make various breads with different flavours and learn how to prove overnight in the fridge for fresh bread at breakfast.

Prepare Farçou -  unusual regional speciality from the Aveyron, a bit like a savoury drop scone, made with blette (Swiss chard) or spinach, garlic, onion and herbs.  Make Fondant au chocolat another classic which is surprisingly easy to do, delicious, and can be frozen very successfully. Make canapés for apero'.

7.00 Meet in the kitchen to prepare dinner and apero’

7.30 Apero' followed by Dinner:

Farçou (cooked outside on the plancher if fine) with a glass of gazpacho, French cheeses with homemade breads

Salads with produce from the market

Fondant au chocolat

Course Day 3:

9.00 Breakfast  (with freshly cooked bread proved overnight in the fridge)

12.00 Make Puy lentil salad - a savoury and unusual dish that tastes superb

1.00 Lunch Salade lentilles vertes de Puy aux tomates

2.30 Make a classic French onion soup, rarely found now, but just as good as it ever was. Ratatouille - another classic savoury vegetable dish made with seasonal vegetables.  Aligot - a traditional local accompaniment to Toulouse sausage, made with puréed potato, Cantal cheese, garlic and creme fraiche.  Tarte Tatin - this is surely the Queen of French desserts and certainly one of the most delicious. Make canapés for apero'.

7.00 Meet in the kitchen to prepare dinner and apero’

7.30 Apero' followed by Dinner:

Soupe a l'oignon,

Aligot with Toulouse sausage and ratatouille,

Tarte Tatin


Course Day 4:

9.00 Breakfast

11.30 Make Tartiflette for lunch, a wonderful standby which is easy to make, everyone loves it and you can even buy the Reblechon cheese needed in Sainsbury's

1.00 Lunch of Tartiflette and salad                                                         

2.30 Fresh pasta making (three different types), something quite different from what you find in the shops, cooks in just three minutes, and melts in your mouth. Preparing chicken & mediterranean veg for after the pasta at dinner, and making choux pastry for profiteroles.  Make canapés for apero'.

7.00 Meet in the kitchen to prepare dinner and apero’

7.30 Apero' followed by Dinner

Des Pâtes et ses sauces

Poulet roti avec légumes méditerranéens

Profiteroles avec sauce au chocolat

Course Day 5 - Wine Day:

9.00 Breakfast

10.30 Visit the Malbec Lounge in Cahors to try a variety of different local wines, with an expert on hand to give some insights and answer questions

12.30 Light lunch out in Cahors, tasting local wine and artisanal produce

2.00  Buy local cabécou from artisan cooperative and visit vineyard(s) to taste and buy wines for dinner

5.30  Prepare Cabécou starter made with this speciality local goat's cheese.  Prepare Duck magret, another regional speciality and a perfect accompaniment to the local wines.  Make Frangipane - An almond based tart that can incorporate a wide variety of seasonal soft fruits.Make canapés for apero'.

7.00 Meet in the kitchen to organise wines, prepare dinner and apero’

7.30 Apero' followed by Dinner:

Wine pairing from vineyard visits with

Salade de cabécou chaude aux noix  

Magret de canard cooked outside on the plancher if fine


Departure day

9.00 Breakfast

Vacate rooms by 11.00


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