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Orchids, orchidées

Orchids in the Spring time

At La Borde Neuve we are surrounded by wild orchids which grow on the chalky ground of the Quercy Blanc in the Spring

The orchids started to emerge two to three weeks earlier this year and already we have been treated to a spectacular show.  Last year our wild flowers were simply wonderful and they just kept coming.  Every two or three weeks a new variety appeared and the abundance of beautiful butterflies mirrored the flowers.


So far, just on our own land, we have found nine or ten different types of wild orchid (including three varieties we have never seen before), and there are many others to be found on the lovely walks all around us. 


May and June are the peak times for orchids, although they start to appear in late March, and some varieties are seen later in July.  May and June are two of the loveliest months here; long light evenings, the sun's really strong when it shines, fresh local asparagus in the markets and it's the perfect time for walking.


Click on the picture opposite to see our array of orchids,  then come and see the orchids in the real for yourself - you can be assured of nature all around you, good food and a very warm welcome!

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