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Every season has a special charm.......

La Borde Neuve is a great place to stay at any time of the year.  We both love food and wine and, unlike many areas of France, here the markets continue to operate all year round, as do most of the restaurants - and we will be happy to point you in the direction of places you might not normally come across on a short visit.  It is also a beautiful area to explore out of season, either walking, cycling or on the open road by motorbike.  


Art is also very much a part of our lives and we have a purpose built studio for painting and drawing.  Utilising our professional skills of artist and cook we plan to offer special stays throughout the year as different things come into season - saffron in Autumn, along with pate de coing and the grape harvest, walnuts and truffles throughout the winter, then a myriad of orchids and butterflies in the Spring. And, of course, art is everywhere all year long.......


If off season special breaks might be of interest to you, please send us an email and we will be in touch .


Cahors is, of course, famous for its wine - rich, dark, tannic and full of flavour.  There are lots of vineyards you can visit but where do you start and which are the best?

We are happy to share our local knowledge with you, and soon we hope to be offering specialist breaks focused on discovering more about the wine of the region.


With thirty five years of experience in art Edward will be offering tuition in drawing as well as guiding those who want to paint the idyllic landscape of this region, sometimes called the French Tuscany.


As well as landscape, there are picturesque hill top "bastide" towns, ancient chuches and, of course, fields of sunflowers!


Both of us are passionate about food and, having been a professional cook for 17 years in England, Georgi offers table d’hôtes (evening meals) for our guests.

In the off-peak season we will be doing special breaks which allow you to try out and discover more about the tastes of the region as different flavours come into season.


The Quercy Blanc is an area renowned for its wild orchids which flower in abundance, mainly in May and June. There are  an amazing variety of butterflies as well as fabulous bird life.

Spring and Autumn are the best times for walking and we can point you in the direction of some beautiful walks to explore.

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