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Although we are very proud of our table d'hote meals, we are aware guests may also want to explore some of our local restaurants.  We have discovered, however, it's quite difficult to find all the information one needs in one place.  The Michelin Guide is useful but it is not comprehensive, Trip Advisor has its uses but can be misleading or inconsistent and an organisation called the Bonnes Tables du Lot lists many of the best restaurants locally, but only those actually in the Lot department!


This is, therefore, an attempt to give an overview of our local places to eat, together with some relevant information.  We have grouped restaurants in catagories which we felt people are likely to search for them, as set out below left (simply click for more infomation).


We must stress that the opinions given are very much our personal take on things.  And most places do also vary from time to time.  One day you can have a lovely experience and then on another occasion things can be quite different.  Often places have a very limited menu and sometimes you may turn up to discover there is nothing on the menu you fancy!


To give you an idea of what we think, we have given those we have tried stars as follows: * ok but nothing special, ** generally good, *** one we particularly like, **** one of our favourites.  In our rating of places we take into account food, ambiance, service and value for money.  But bear in mind  a three star rating will not necessarily mean it is three star in ALL the catagories - it is simply our overall enjoyment of the place.


Two other things to bear in mind.  Firstly, quite a few (and some of the most enjoyable and genuine) restaurants only do lunch (and it is advisable to get there by 12.30 rather than 1.00).  Secondly, it is a good idea to book as small family run places will often only prepare the number of meals for those who have made reservations


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