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Course Information


Drawing is the most immediate and vital expression of creativity. It is the very start of the creative process and a key element of painting, sculpture and, indeed architecture.


This is why we have created a week to focus on drawing.  


That is not to say that participants cannot practice their painting if they wish, but the course itself will be concerned with the magic of drawing.




Each morning there will be a brief illustrated talk on an aspect of drawing, sometimes with a demonstration, and always with a chance for discussion.

We will look at how different artists have approached drawing and how wide a subject it can be.


This will be followed by a led session designed to explore the theme under discussion.  Themes will range from ideas such as "drawing on the right side of the brain" (getting into the mood/right state of mind), the expressive power of mark making, and the process of observation and understanding though drawing, to the more practical areas of perspective, adding tone and wieght, different materials and how to avoid common pitfalls!


The course will cater for those with little or no experience to those with more advanced skills who may be wanting to widen their scope and approach to drawing.


It has been said "You cannot teach someone to draw, but you can teach them to learn to draw."  This will be our approach.  You have to make the discoveries yourself - and you have to have fun!




Breakfast will be had at either La Borde Neuve or La Chave, depending on where you are staying.  Those in La Chave will then be collected for the morning session which will take place at La Borde Neuve (occasionally these sessions may take place at La Chave, depending on the weather).


We will then join any non-participating partners for a simple buffet lunch.


This is a beautiful area and in the afternoons you can draw, paint*, explore or simply laze about.  For those who hire a car, there is plenty to see and do in the area (tap the "LOCALITY" button below).  Although there will not be a set bsession in the afternoons, the course leader will be available all day for those who want additional guidence or inrteraction.


In the evenings we will all meet again for an aperitif before enjoying a three course dinner made by Georgi.  Some local specialities will be included and there will be an opportunity to sample some of the local wines.  As well as some trips out to paint or draw, we will go out for a lunch and also a dinner in a local reastaurant (guests will pay separately for what they have - around 15euros for lunch/35euros for dinner ).


*Drawing materials will be provided, but do bring your own things if you wish to paint (though there is an excellent art shop in nearby Cahors). 

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