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La Borde Neuve, 46170 Cezac, France Tel: Home 05 65 22 61 68    Mobile (0033) 06 42 51 61 94


NB We are not actually in Cezac, but on the D7 between Labastide Marnhac and Lascabanes.


It should also be noted that GPS systems tend to give you directions via junction 58 (Cahors South) if you are coming south to us on the motorway.  This is further, costs more in tolls and fuel, and is not actually any quicker.  The following instructions, therefore, start by bringing you off at junction 57, north of Cahors.


Having come off the motorway at junction 57, follow the spur road for 3km until you come to the first roundabout.


Turn left onto the D820 towards Cahors.  Continue for 11.4 km along this rather winding, but main road, until you arrive at a roundabout at the bottom of a long steep hill on the outskirts of Cahors.


Take the 3rd exit right, continuing along the D820, signed Montauban, Villeneuve and Agen.  You first cross the river Lot, climb a long hill bypassing Cahors which you see below you to the left as you cross a high viaduct.  You then come down the hill (watch out for the speed camera on your right – 90 km/h), passing under a high brick railway viaduct before arriving at the next roundabout after 6.5 km.


Take the second exit right continuing along the D820, signed Montauban, Villeneuve, Agen (Route de Toulouse).  Follow this road past Des Joyaux Piscines, shops and garages for 1.4 km to the next roundabout where you will see a large building, Atrium, where they sell wine from the Chateau de Mercues. 


At this, take the first exit right onto the D653, signed Villeneuve s/L, Agen, Labastide Marnhac etc.  You go under a railway bridge again, and 0.9 km from the roundabout there is a left hand turning signed D7, Labastide Marnhac.


Take this turning left, which is the road we are on after a further 11.1 km.  Follow the road and after about 5 km you come to the village of Labastide Marnhac, which the road skirts round. Continue on for about another 6km past vineyards and a few scattered houses until you start to descend down a hill into our valley through a series of sharp bends.  You pass a small disused quarry (with a concrete telegraph pole on its side blocking its entrance), and the entrance to our drive is just after this on the right, between two large oak trees.  Ignore the fork to the right which leads to our neighbour and you will see our house in front of you.


NB The house itself is not visible coming from the Cahors direction.  If you miss our entrance you will find yourself on the first straight stretch of road going down towards a bridge.  Our house will then be visible on the right behind you, across the field – turn around and go back.  If you find yourself in Lascabanes, you have gone too far.  Turn around and go back along the D7 about 3.5 km and you will see our house on your left.


NB   Ignore all signs to Cezac or you will simply get lost!

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